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The Gratitude opening – Bread & Fishes

The Gratitude Launch Bread & Fishes

Being known for not conforming, known for living a varied life, known for being slight quirky as well as known for being incredibly grateful – inspired Aidan and I to create the concept behind the “Bread & Fishes gratitude opening”.

Perhaps not the easiest of concepts when it comes to the cutting of the ribbon! Perhaps not easy to understand yet all had to be regarded acknowledge and remembered (even those missing on the day – Rachel Mallet our business angel who is travelling in New York and the second, Michaela Robinson; living the dream at a festival). They all acted kindly, gave willingly and instinctively to Aidan, myself and the children. I know we have those special days I love that are dedicated to an act of kindness, yet my gang acted kind not because it was a special day, but because they are special people.

We both felt rather than bow and take the applause ourselves for opening so swiftly, we would actually take a moment to salute those that have got us to where we are right now and to be #grateful.  In this crazy decade we live in, life has become too hectic and I find myself most days actually wondering what day it is, as they disappear so quickly. I encourage you all to take a moment, stop your own clock and reflect. Remember those that lift you up, those that offer you a hand, the generous folk we live alongside. My personal list is endless, and I’m sure yours is very much the same.

We hear too frequently that we have become a “disposable society” yet I say not all of us! I am raising my voice to celebrate all those that don’t see the world as a disposable factor, in fact, they feel quite the opposite.

Creating anything from a product to a business requires a collaboration of minds and hearts. The concept for Bread & Fishes was created on a motorway journey, yet many voices and opinions are within what it has become today and will continue to develop into in the future.

Saluting you all –

Rachel Mallet – your endless patience, tolerance, wisdom, guidance, mathematical mind and friendship. You’re like a sister to us both. This page ‘isn’t big enough for our thanks to YOU!

Peter Gott – your understanding, compassion, life knowledge and experience has guided us both. You gave us courage and smiles. You gave the most important gift to a friend in need when the going got tough – the gift of hope.

Jermery Marshall – Everybody needs a Robin Hood! A knight in shining armour! An act of kindness that was brave courageous and valued.

My mum – For every step of the journey, on the rollercoaster of life, we were fed, protected and kept warm! Every step of the way you encouraged us both. Kept us sane when sanity was required. On behalf of Arthur, myself and the washing up, thank you! When the sink was bursting with pots you got stuck in! – My mum is one in a million!

Kenny and Katie (Wolfhouse Kitchen) – Thank you for giving Lovingly Artisan the nudge in the right direction, believing in the sourdough, the artisan baker and future for us both. You got us on the RIGHT track, the road to Manchester and we are deeply grateful!

Tim Ryan (Family Team Leader) – words cant express your endless selflessness in all your acts of kindness, you constantly inspire and entertain with your wit, humour, and enthusiastic leg pulling that keeps us going, never change! The encouragement you have given us both is deeply valued. Everybody needs a mentor in life, a hero that doesn’t wear medals, yet in our hearts you wear many medals #thank you (and no I have not been drinking!)

Jenny and Nick Thompson (Altrincham Market) – Perhaps we are thanking you on behalf of many more too; your guidance generosity of ideas is regarded daily. It’s far from easy keeping us traders in shape, yet you do so lovingly, inspirationally and with heartfelt kindness for our growth and success. You saw our potential when perhaps we were blinded by the challenges.  Never stop pushing us, taking us out of our comfort zones, never stop raising our standards. We, and others I know, are deeply grateful.

Michaela Robinson – Cumbria Life #believer. Cumbria is blessed for its landscape, foodie community and media. An industry that believes in the cooks, chefs, producers and bakers! Aidan and I can’t thank you enough for giving us your encouragement, never judging us in the challenging times and for not only supporting us in the shining times. You’re our consistent, always willing to listen, share an award win, a story of growth and the challenges of life too. You are a true storyteller, you understand the life we all live as producers. I know you couldn’t be with us, festival life was calling! Yet we thought of you on the day!

If you’re still reading this give a moment to your list. Think about those that have travelled the road with you and perhaps are travelling it now. My final thanks have to be said, starting with Richard our creative builder who has given Bread & Fishes a home – we are bursting with excitement #thankyou.

Zack! Holy smoke, the man of patience, creative hand writing, advice and guidance! Zack we promise to listen to your learns, chalk only the “Zack Way”. You are a legend.

Paul – Mr ‘fix it’. Every business needs a fixer, a man that leaps forward when you’re locked out of your shipping container! Who watches your back, gives you the guidance and encouragement you need as the new kid on the block. Keep showering us with the guidance!

You’re now all fondly known as the dream team!

All new adventures need heroes! These are the Lovingly Artisan and Bread and Fishes heroes!

Ps Our family team leader Tim Ryan is on the move! Ex-Forces and he was lucky to leave the services without any long-lasting damage. Some people aren’t that lucky and this is where the work that Bike Tours for the Wounded has really made me think “I can give something back”. On the back of his bike will be a wounded, injured or sick veteran (WIS) who will have paid for their flight with the rest of their tour costs being covered by fundraising and charity donations.

You can help other Veterans enjoy their trip of a lifetime on the Wild West Challenge or any one of the other amazing trips BT4TW run.

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Photography by Artisans & Co 

Catherine & Aidan x



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