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The Art Of Pairing Bread And Wine

The Art Of Pairing Bread And Wine 

 Our foodie adventures took Aidan and I into the city of Manchester this month. Specifically to Hangingditch Wine Merchants for their ‘Last Supper”. What’s not to like about a bread and wine evening? Even better, we got to taste elegantly prepared snacks created with such consideration by Richard from the Hangingditch. The whole concept of the selected sourdoughs, food pairing with the wine was magical. I do believe following Richard’s inspirational menu many of the guests left determined to up their snack menu’s when hosting future dinner parties.

It was a taste sensation – so if you do one thing this summer, make a little space in your planners for the next Hangingditch event. The atmosphere, hospitality and wine were just the perfect combinations. Not only was it visually inspiring, the flavours blended beautifully with the sourdoughs. We left knowledgeable, inspired and changed – no longer will we remain stuck in a wine buying rut! The future us is exploring new countries, grapes and producers. I am rather thrilled that Aidan had been given a Hangingditch wine merchants account for his birthday (thank you Sarah and Tim) it’s the type of present I rather hope he shares.

Big learn for our summer when wine shopping…

Chardonnay partners perfectly with our Spiced Apple Sourdough and Camembert! It was delicious. I have to confess many of us on the evening were far from ”Chardonnay” fans, in fact quite the opposite. From not being a fan previously, I now find myself a total convert. It was one of those wines I avoided, never purchased or felt disappointed if served. Confessions – the blend of the menu with the Oaked Chardonnay was moreish. I was a boring, stuck in a rut Sauvignon Blanc drinker. A whole new world of wine and countries now needs be explored! I left the evening confident to experiment, exploring the wines shelves all of a sudden is going to be more like a trip around the globe!

Do you like a little pop? The San Gregorio Sparking Greco was a personal favourite! The famed Champagne producer Anselme Selosse partnered with Feudi to produce a unique, high-end sparkling wine.

 Bouquet: Aromas of ginger, flowers and a hint of nuts with delicate notes of hay and toast this ideal partner for Lovingly Artisan Sourdough Baguette with smoked salty butter!

 Taste: In the mouth full, voluminous, fresh taste with an attractive bitter chestnut, honey and impressively persistent mineral aftertaste.

 Serving Suggestions: Particularly suitable with sushi, lobster or shellfish risotto, the ideal alfresco treat for this summer  – I am hooked! 

 Take a peek at the menu and Lovingly Artisan sourdough pairings below!

1  Sourdough Baguette served with smoked salt and butter served with Feudi di San Gregorio Sparking Greco.

Smoked salted butter:  Lancaster Smokehouse

Real Butter : Winter Tarn Dairy


  1. Spiced Apple Sourdough and Camembert served with Oaked Chardonnay.

Tunworth Camembert Courtyard Dairy


  1. Five Grain Rye Baguette served with pâté, cornichons with flat leaf parley paired with a delicious light Pinot Noir.

Chicken Liver pâté recipe (my mothers is legendary – it’s the perfect start to a meal)


  1. Kalamata Olive Sourdough with tapenade, sun-dried tomatoes mozzarella pearls, fresh basil with Domaine Jeanne Prestige Rouge

Antipasti, tapas & meze products are sourced from artisan producers on the continent –  these olives and sun-dried tomatoes are the best you could source!


  1. Walnut Sourdough, whipped Roquefort, fig relish with grated walnut #yum served with Tawny Port  – This felt like an early Christmas present!

Roquefort Cheese

All wines and wine inspiration by Hangingditch Wine Merchants!

If you’re stuck in a rut of always drinking the same wine – treat yourselves to an adventure in the city at Hangingditch. We can’t wait to return and explore further as we now know a whole new world is awaiting us and those we cook dinner for!

For more inspiration visit: Hangingditch events

Want to learn about wine in Cumbria at Hipping Hall?

Want to learn more about Cheese with Courtyard Dairy and Hipping Hall?

Photography by Artisans & Co

Cheers to a sparkling summer!  

Catherine x


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