GOLD medal – 2015 world bread awards

This is truly one of our signature loaves. The depth of character in this white sourdough loaf comes from our tradional sourdough baking method. We take 24 hours to prove this delicious chewy sourdough, with a double fermentation.

Perfect with: tasty toppings. This bread is a real all-rounder. It will sit in the bread bin for days, and if you have any left it makes fantastic bruschetta – Aidan’s favourite with a chilled beer!


Roasted Barley from Warminster Maltings is blended into a sourdough porridge. This traditional blending technique has a remarkable impact on the texture and taste of this loaf and gives an incredible depth of flavour – this is one not to be missed!

Perfect with: smashed avocado, gently toasted and topped with feta and chilli jam – a taste sensation!

Einkorn Sourdough

heritage grain

Heritage sourdough breads are the essence of what Lovingly Artisan is about.
Made using Einkorn, one of the oldest grains – this bread is high in protein and packed with nutritional value. This bread is strong in flavour & texture and comes with a delicious, crispy, thick crust which is a total delight to chew!

Perfect with:  poached eggs and streaky bacon.

Mature Cheddar & Chilli

GOLD medal – 2016 world bread awards

Our signature sourdough. This has become a weekend breakfast institution. A light rye sourdough with a perfect blend of mature cheddar and whole diced chilli. Tangy, tasty and chewy.

Perfect with: baked beans on toast, however many customers have been known to devour the whole loaf before they make it home!


runner up – 2016 world bread awards

A beautiful blend of pumpkin, sunflower, millet, brown linseeds and golden linseeds is used to create a beautiful nutty aroma. A light crumb with well distributed, tasty and healthy seeds. We think this makes a wonderful every day loaf for slicing.

Perfect with: soups and pate. This light multi-grained bread is my children’s favourite!


2016 world bread awards

A classic speciality bread. Using our white sourdough as a base, we then add generous handfuls of walnuts. As a result, this beautiful bread has a distinctive purple hue and a nutty flavour throughout.

Perfect with: blue cheese. It might be a cliché but they work together beautifully!


The distinctive flavor of Kalamata Olives define this loaf, made using a light rye sourdough. Chewy and flavoursome, eat it toasted with olive oil or simply for dipping. Versatile and great for sharing.

Perfect with: delicious antipasti.


A dark rye bread with organic malted barley porridge and a hint of caraway. Aromatic and chewy, this sophistcated bread makes a wonderful sandwich and can handle bold flavours.

Perfect with: lashings of Marmite! My wife’s favourite (other toppings are available!)


silver medal – 2015 world bread awards

A traditionally made Itallian Ciabatta. The 90% hydration in our recipe gives the desired open structure and a beautiful soft texture. Perfect for tearing and sharing and it’s delicious when served warm.

Perfect with: balsamic vinegar and olive oil. Also our favourite sandwich bread.


silver medal – 2015 world bread awards

A French classic, made using speciality baguette flour milled in Paris. A long slow process develops the flavor but most importantly creates an authentic crust. Traditionally made and perfectly versatile.

Perfect with: unsalted butter, apricot jam and a black coffee. Pretend you’re in Paris! We do.


gold medal – 2015 world bread awards

We start by soaking sultanas in apple juice, which is also infused with fresh rosemary and a subtle hint of spice. It’s a good, honest fruit loaf. Works surpringly well with cheese (if you’re a northerner of course!)

Perfect with: lots of butter! Toast it for an afternoon tea in front of the fire.


Apples soaked with a splash of rum and spices! This sourdough loaf sums up Cumbrian Food heritage. As always, our approach is all about slow, double fermented, naturally prooved breads.

Perfect with: lots of butter at breakfast OR with a tasty blue cheese for an anytime treat.


Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it! Introduce mature cheddar and ‘love it or hate it’ Marmite to a heritage sourdough loaf and you have a match made in heaven. As always, our approach is slow and natural – giving you the most incredible flavoured loaf.

Perfect with: more cheese (and for the Marmite lover – more Marmite!)


heritage grain

A full-bodied sourdough with a distinctive malty fragrance and flavour, making it a wholesome and comforting loaf. It has an appetite-catching aroma, a sourdough that’s simply a delight to eat, and eat some more! Made with love in Cumbria using Gilchester Organics flour.

Perfect with: lots of butter! OR with a tasty blue cheese.