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Living a More Artisan Lifestyle

We have spoken a great deal about ” living a more artisan lifestyle” but what does that really mean? I guess it’s similar to a hygge way of living. You are constantly fuelled from your heart, how you feel and what makes you happy,  but we also have to be practical and grown up so you need to engage the head too and do what you need to do to make a living yet still being true to all that inspires us.  I passionately believe that if you believe in what you do, if you are passionate about all that you do then once all the realities are in place the living will come –  THE ARTISAN WAY!

Thinking more ‘artisan’ is about building a life from a passion, working each day with 3 core ingredients those ingredients being


The heart, living an authentic life is about being true to YOU, your beliefs and passions. Everything you produce must make your heart swell and if you are in business it goes without saying you need to produce a heartfelt product that has commercial value too.

Hands – I believe there is an artisan in many of us, this drive to create and build from our hands to physically nurture something whether that’s from land to plate, mixing bowl to bread basket or in my case conceptual consideration to the final image. 3 simple ingredients, all with a desire to work more fluently.  If you are a creative, I know already – I I have mentored many, how vital these connections are, as soon as one element is out of balance it’s all out of balance. All the elements need to unite, need to have a relationship and understanding of each other, as the 3 elements trigger an incredible energy witnessed by most as positivity!

Now let’s talk passion!

This is far from a fluffy conversation, it is about growth as a creative, you need to think the artisan way to maintain your mojo. ” Passion” having that burning desire for all that you do and produce.

What are you passionate about? Really passionate about? What do you stand strongly alongside, really believe in? I have a deeply rooted belief in education, sharing, giving and doing it all creatively  – It’s how I live and thrive as a creator. What are YOU? As you dive towards next year think about your inner vibe, how you function as a whole.

Remember you are always progressing, never still, moving forwards all the time whether you feel that’s towards your goals or destiny, you’re moving. As you move forward through life remember to make it your mantra if your mission is always to be true to YOU to remain YOU.

” Always follow your heart, not a fad.  Crazes never last but your belief will, the most important gift you can give yourself is the gift of belief” Catherine Connor

This is about gifting your self a deep-rooted understanding of YOU

Understand your why – make it your mission to understand your WHY, why do you do what you do?
Understand your impact – make it your mission to be alert to the impact you have, whether that’s on the marketplace of those you serve or perhaps their happiness too.
Understand your visual impression – We all want to make an impression, a visual impression, what vision do you want to give your community? This is all about thinking more like a brand. Brand YOU
Understand your emotional engagement – We live in an emotional world, all with emotional engagement with all that you do. Give time to understanding how you make people feel

It’s about knowing your ‘why’  and understanding how you are being projected in the world as a creative.

Understand your impact – How do you make people feel? What impact do you really have on life?  Does it even matter to YOU?  I personally feel it’s important that I teach, really teach – gift knowledge to another, make another stronger, more equipped in life emotionally and visually – What about YOU?

What visual impression do YOU want to give the marketplace, perhaps friends too – Have you got it right when you look at your visual impression? –More importantly, does it inspire you?

Understand the emotional engagement  – Emotions, play such a role with food,  how it makes us feel ” we have all heard and perhaps used the term – comfort food”  – I am treating myself, I deserve this treat – If you produce and create its all about getting the emotional content right in your business, as you have to be engaged.

We all have so much to explore as artisans, all that we explore for sure will form a valuable understanding of the WHY. Why we do what we do!

Live a more artisan LIFE. Catherine x


Words by Catherine Connor 

Image by Jenny Jones


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