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Live an Authentic, enriching life that gives you purpose

Learning to become an artisan baker!

Live an authentic, enriching life that gives you purpose 

Many of us have learnt this week how short life is and the importance of following your dreams and aspirations. It’s only now I can note I was blind to all that I needed to learn, my enthusiasm for life perhaps clouded how hard it was going to be as the #bakerswife. The challenges I faced were varied yet all significant enough to fill the forefront of my mind most days


  1. Belief  – I never questioned the outcome, however I became acutely aware that others may doubt whether I had the strength or commitment to this rather daunting task of helming a micro-bakery in just 4 weeks. In true northern style, and a “you can do it!” from Jenny Thompson at the Market, I have in fact become more determined. I know we need the non-believers to make sure we believe enough in ourselves! (Thank you Jenny for the nudge in the right direction!)#girlpower should never be under estimated!
  2. Trust – Trusting your gut feeling; as my intuition has never let me down. All of my life’s successes have been when I rolled with the waves and simply let fate take hold (alongside a lot of hard working mantra) – what was interesting (and don’t tell the master baker) it never felt like work, in fact I felt guilty that I was enjoying myself far too much!
  3. Listen – My technique on this journey has been to listen, even when Aidan was training another, I listened. I listened when I didn’t even look like I was listening. Aidan has a mountain of knowledge that pours generously across bakery conversations and I listened (in fact I hardly spoke, yet asked a mountain of questions).
  4. Notetaker – I kept a notebook, jotting down the learns of each bake, what to observe when testing the breads in the oven, right through to the perfection of proving the “slow way”.
  5. Be gentle – Bread feels so rustic and wholesome to us all, yet it’s delicate. If it’s going to be pretty treat it with respect.


This week, I may find myself flying solo, even though this fills me with fear, and all the ‘what if’s.’ What if I burn the bread! What if I set up the oven incorrectly? Holy smoke I must stop this list right now, as even writing the ‘what if’s’ is making me nervous! Yet I am innocently excited, and I can’t wait to CREATE!

If you can join me, do. Come on the road with me visit “Bread & Fishes” at Altrincham Market!

What gave me the courage I needed? Matt Campbell’s way of living a full life, his gentle conversations gave me the strength to change, as did many friends – And you all know who YOU are! #grateful for your listening ears and kind hearts.



Photography credits Artisan & Co

Wish me Luck

Catherine  #bakerswife


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  1. Joanne Wood

    Love to hear about #thebakerswife , best wishes in your creative adventures. Jx


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