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How to Create Your First Sourdough Starter

Creating a good sourdough starts with the starter. This will form the base of the taste, texture and flavour of your first bread. Never compromise your ingredients. Bread is such a simple food, excellence needs to reveal itself on the first impression and through the first slice, as your bread texture will tell your everything!

Ingredients required:
1. Local organic stoneground four
2. Mineral water (unchlorinated)

Getting started
1. In a clean glass jar mix equal quantities of flour and water into a rough paste.
2. Cover and leave on the kitchen side so you can watch the magic happen
3. The naturally occurring lactic bacteria that covers the outside of the wheat grain will now start to come to life
4. Over the coming days, you will see little bubbles start to appear as those friendly little bacteria multiply and create carbon dioxide.
5. Now here is the secret. You need to refresh your starter with fresh flour and water to create the perfect environment so those little bacteria can multiply stronger. So remove the majority of your starter from the jar and feed what remains at the bottom of the jar with fresh flour and water.
6. You repeat this process over several cycles until you have a starter that after feeding has turned itself into a bubbling mass of loveliness overnight. It’s now ready for making the first loaf of your baking life.

One of the skills to bring to the artisan’s table is patience! Slow is best. This is all about allowing the flavours to flourish. As your starter ages, it will develop its own character but never rush it as the inherent flavours of fermentation will elude you. If your starter ever behaves a little unusually it’s more than likely because the temperatures are changing as we travel through the seasons. It’s really hard to kill a “mother” you simply need to ensure you do the following…

  1.  Room temperature. It’s alive just like you. It doesn’t like to be too hot or too cold.
  2. .Regular feeding. Like you, it gets hungry and doesn’t work well if it is.
  3. Keep it clean. Take care not to add other bacteria that are not so friendly. A starter is an amazing creation that will kill bad bacteria if you look after it. Just like us. Amazing.

If you want any help with your starter, bring it into the bakery, we are more than happy to offer your starter some free tender loving care.


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