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How To Become An Artisan Baker

Why a baker and not a chef? Becoming an artisan baker has been one hell of an adventure, most of which I am sure I will share with you on the blog. My life learns as an artisan have been very varied but the consistent theme is that it’s all about being true to yourself.

1. You will never stop learning, evolving and developing
2. You need to remain true to your passion as a foodie
3. You need to find your flavour!

My passion for bread revealed itself whilst studying as a chef whilst at college in Boston, America, many moons ago. With huge enthusiasm for food, cooking and flavours I felt sure I would become a great chef. However whilst in Boston, I discovered an amazing French bakery that was about to change the whole direction of
my life! The whole culture of an “artisan” a handcrafted lifestyle simply captured my head and my heart. Nothing would ever steer me off this path. In fact, I have become more of an obsessive, more and more alert to why this was the best direction for me to take, for who I am and all I believe in.

“For all those considering starting a business you must be totally at ease within that business”.

Make sure you create a lifestyle around the business, not a business trying to fit within a lifestyle.
l am a great admirer of many chefs, I spent many years in great kitchens yet it was not where my heart was, my heart has been totally highjacked by patisserie and bread.

Life learns:
Becoming an artisan baker has taught me a great deal about who I am as a foodie, it’s given me a deeper understanding of the consumer, but perhaps most of all it’s taught me all about the importance of taste and appearance.

You need to devote time to study, devour cookery books, magazines and articles – never stop reading. Spend time with those you serve and admire; one of my deepest pleasures is my chef time – Listening to their beliefs and knowledge gives me a continual insight into how I can evolve and simply do better

Choose your grains for quality and flavour as the main priorities – this is probably why I have never made a million!

Becoming an artisan is all about placing your soul into all you produce
I call it my “northern soul” nothing flash or fanciful just ingredients and methods that compliment everything I am aiming to achieve as an artisan.

If you want to learn more, come and meet me and the team at the Northern Bar and Restaurant Show this March. We have a trade stand where we can exchange ideas and
have a natter or for something more formal I am also speaking at the demo kitchen – I have buckets of passion and knowledge to share with you!


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