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Ever wanted to feel more artistic?

Ever wanted to feel more artistic? Throwing all of the rules of life right out of the window… Living a little more rebelliously and it all started with the purchase of a cookery book!

Lesson one was dedicated to you and your creative spirit. If you haven’t treated yourself to that cookery book yet, dive back into life lesson 1.

Ready for life lesson 2?

It’s nearly the end of the year, another one – tick, another year done – What’s it taught you visually, emotionally about YOU and how you want to live your one time only life?


  1. What inspires you? When you headed into the bookstore, what direction did you take? Did you get distracted by anything else? When you listen to your inner voice it has an amazing ability to become loud, steering you in the right direction, its all about listening.
  2. If you could have some creative time, time to explore, expand your horizons – WOULD you??

Do you ever wonder what you might have become if only YOU had given yourself the permission to play more, be more creative? A few years ago I got stuck in a rut. Rather a dark rut of administration, emailing folks back and forth – for a dyslexic person this is rather a daunting rut to find yourself in! Don’t get me wrong I love writing, blogging sharing. What I hated was I had become something I never dreamt of. A pen pusher or in my case, an email pusher!

My big life plan was a whole different story, so I just gave myself the permission and authority to break the grown-up rules. I gave myself the permission to change. Using all of the knowledge, a deep-rooted enthusiasm for food and lifestyle dovetailed with my passion for all things ‘business’ in the formation of a whole new way of living. I simply gave myself the permission to become a conceptual stylist. Becoming once again fulfilled and enriched by all of the days that laid ahead. Bingo!

What about YOU?  Can you relate to MY STORY, how does it affect your story all your chapters ahead of YOU?

Do you worry about the year ahead? For you the daily stuff not being enough – If you made room for some creative time would that make the difference, I’m not talking about moving a mountain here just a few more smiles and perhaps a more hygge way of living.

May I suggest … Another treat.


  1. List all your talents, all of them – Think about YOU
  2. What DO you want for you in the year ahead, this is not about being greedy, just living

If you want more I would suggest a little movie watching, pour yourself a glass of wine, pop the kettle on if mid day! Then watch, feel and learn  -

Daydream lifestyles are built by daydreamers


Words by Catherine Connor

Image by Jenny Jones


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