hands on experience 

If you are a photographer with a passion for food this is the ideal step for the next stage of your development as a food photographer and stylist. Catherine brings a depth of knowledge and enthusiasm which is contagious and inspiring, giving you a new found confidence and vigour. The course is designed to build your skills as a food photographer, giving you a detailed insight into how to best prepare food and produce for photography. Everything that you learn can transfer easily into your photographic repertoire thus giving you an advantage as a creative.


This is a totally hands-on experience giving you all the confidence you seek as a budding food photographer. The knowledge you gain will transform your food photography and styling ability. All you need for this programme is your iPhone or smart phone and a bucket full of passion for food and food photography – we will naturally provide the rest of the ingredients for your education!

We will provide the produce, aprons, knives etc for your workshop as this course is designed to be ‘hands on’ learning.


  • How to select the right photogenic ingredients and produce
  • How to create a visual food story that whets the appetite
  • How to prepare and dress food for photographic shoots, knife skills, styling and arranging a scene
  • How to handle produce and the importance of fresh, lasting appearances for photography
  • How to work with colour and textures
  • How to create a visual photogenic feast
  • Get to know the nature of food and how it changes over time

DATE: 25th June 2018

VENUE: Kendal College – Milnthorpe Road Campus

PRICE: £195

Please email or call 07979 501059 for further course details and to book your place.


hands-on experience

We are passionate about food photography and know how important it is to get this niche subject perfect every time. It is essential that you have an understanding of composition and lighting, and a sensitivity to the value of delicious food images. Whether you’re creating promotional imagery for your clients, creating a cookbook, you are a food writer or simply want to create art for your home, the right approach will enable you to capture stunning images of food that would look right at home in a gallery or high-end recipe book.

This course is a chance to explore the way you use lighting and focus, and the way you compose an image. Whilst indulging your creative side on a variety of delicious still-life compositions (food fans will be in their element here!), you’ll hone your technical skills, developing techniques that will influence the way you work in other photographic areas. This course offers a total hands-on experience and you will be immersed not only in food photography but also food preparation!

This course will teach you …

  • Learn how to prepare for a food photography shoot
  • Work with different backgrounds
  • Work with key textures and props
  • Learn the power of natural light and different types of light available
  • Learn the importance of depth of field
  • Learn the power of composition

DATE: 26th June 2018

VENUE: Kendal College – Milnthorpe Road Campus

PRICE: £195

Please email or call 07979 501059 for further course details and to book your place.


hands-on learning

Improve your photography and leave with additional confidence. Learn and experiment alongside like-minded photographers all at a similar level of knowledge and skill.

This photography course is aimed at getting you off “auto” mode and out of that comfort zone to a whole new world of creativity. You’ll soon know your ISO from your aperture, and even if you find a favourite setting that delivers what you’re after most of the time, you’ll at least understand a bit more about the rest of those knobs and dials. You’ll also have the opportunity to put your new-found confidence into practice with a practical photoshoot out on location.

You will be given time to ask questions, raise queries regarding your photography and learn under the guidance of your experienced trainer Jenny Jones. Time will be allocated for questions as you go through to help develop your confidence.

You will learn …

  • How to get the best out of your camera
  • How to understand the basic technical aspects of your camera
  • Camera settings
  • ISO
  • Shutter speed
  • Depth of field
  • Aperture
  • How to see good quality natural light
  • How to select backgrounds
  • How to create beautiful images



DATE: 24th April 2018

VENUE: Wolfhouse Gallery, Silverdale

PRICE: £95

Please email or call 07979 501059 for further course details


webinar series

Visualise your world bursting with inspirational imagery; artisans love a visual feast – not just for your eyes but for your heart too! This course is more than just learning about photography, it’s about creating a whole NEW way of living as an artisan.


  • Would you like to capture food beautifully, creatively discovering how to take the type of pictures you witness in lifestyle magazines and through the threads of Instagram?
  • Do you have a real interest in everything artisan? Do you simply love eating, devouring and talking about FOOD?
  • Do you have a burning desire just to learn something different, equipping yourself to become whatever you want to be, food photographer, business storyteller, blogger – limitless?
  • Would you like to feature in magazines, on blogs, creating an inspirational vibe around YOU? Why not even become a foodie influencer too?

We did and it transformed how we live our lives – why not let US teach YOU?


Join us for three live training sessions online…

This online course of 3 sessions is designed for foodies who love photography or photographers who love food! Whether you are a hobbyist photographer wishing to develop your skills or a seasoned pro planning to expand in a new direction this is the course for  you. If you have an interest in food photography and styling this will be ideal, whether you’re a lifestyle blogger who seeks further skills or you have an interest in capturing food more professionally.  This will become your perfect  recipe to get you started and inspire your autumn and winter. Learning from your own home online is a very liberating experience. All webinars are recorded for you, giving you the opportunity to listen to them again and again.  Learning at your own pace gives you the freedom to absorb all the knowledge at the right pace for you. This will give you a good foundation of photographic knowledge, food styling skills and will boost your appetite for blogging.

VENUE: Online webinar course

PRICE: £80

Please email or call 07979 501059 for further course details


hands on experience 

T his fabulous experience is based from Lovingly Artisan Bakery situated in the Lake District National Park on the outskirts of Kendal.

Aidan will generously share his expertise, knowledge and passion for Sourdough and also explore the nutritional benefits of Sourdough. He is a very experienced trainer, baker and motivator. You will leave inspired, educated and addicted to bread making. This is a fantastic workshop which will give you the core information and much more. Our bakery team will welcome you warmly and guide you throughout the day.

This is the ideal experience for family celebrations, corporate events, Hen Parties, Stag Do’s or simply for foodies who want to heighten their bread making skills.


  • the benefits of sourdough
  • why baking sourdough is different from other techniques
  • the equipment required to bake confidently at home
  • how to create and maintain a  sourdough starter
  • how to weigh and mix your sourdough ingredients
  • professional bread mixing techniques
  • how to mould confidently
  • dividing techniques – Aidan’s tips and tricks!
  • bread scoring methods
  • preparing the oven
  • the importance of oven temperatures
  • how to identify when bread is ready – appearance and character

PRICE:  £95 + VAT

VENUE: Lovingly Artisan Bakery. Crook Rd. LA8 8LX

Book your place on 01539 736664


one-to-one & corporate sessions

Mentoring and consultancy sessions with Aidan Monks vary depending on the needs of the baker, chef or business owner which are initially established through a detailed conversation. The process you travel through with Aidan will be unique to you and your business and begins prior to the development session with the completion of a confidential business questionnaire. This is thoroughly evaluated and assessed and becomes the backbone of your sessions with Aidan.

The agenda is formed from the needs and the aspirations you have for your business or baking requirements. If relevant to your business needs, Aidan Monks will go through your website and any social media platforms and brand alongside his partner Catherine Connor who specialises in business development, brand building and mentoring those in business . Catherine Connor founded one of the most successful and award-winning photographic training companies in the UK, alongside supporting the development of Lovingly Artisan and other artisans in the food industry. If you seek business development mentoring, both Aidan and Catherine will jointly facilitate the session carefully, exploring all the possibilities for you and your business and suggesting positive changes where and when necessary.

Together we will explore the challenges you are facing and come up with workable solutions. Each area of development will be considered carefully and you will leave the session with new found confidence, clarity and direction. More importantly than that you will also have the right ‘to do’ list. A concise and easy to follow action plan will follow which is sure to become your road to success over the months that follow.


  • Discover Sourdough and the blending of flours and recipes
  • Heighten your skills as a professional baker
  • Business creation and development programme


Aidan has a depth of manufacturing experience alongside a deep understanding of the requirements and needs of commercial bakeries with regard to high standards in baking, production managements and the costing of projects. He has trusted experience in the development of :

  • Introducing new production lines and the implications of change
  • The development of new recipes
  • Team development and training programmes
  • Production management
  • The development of retail ideas and concepts

All consultancy sessions are private and unquie to each individual business for a detailed insight into the format of these sessions, please call Aidan on 07807 248886.