My intuitive approach to baking is based on an incredible depth of knowledge, experience and continual study. Inspired whilst studying at the College of Culinary Arts in Boston Massachusetts, I went on to be mentored by experts from Grand Moulin de Paris. Yet my real training continues daily at my mixer, workbench and oven, where I perfect my craft as an artisan. I thrive on adopting old methods with a new way of thinking; such as utilising raw milks, ancient heritage grains and double fermentation within my breads.

Being an artisan allows me to pursue my passion for food, produce and travel. I have a great reputation for seeking out a quality coffee shop, a great cookery book and fellow artisans wherever I go.



If you create with your heart and head  – This is for YOU! 

If you crave marketplace attention and want solid customer loyalty – see photography as an art form purely designed to trigger a desire, whether that’s hunger, thirst or simply a burning desire to visit your location. All images have a job to do; they have to ENGAGE with your customer emotionally. It’s a huge role to play, liberating a business through a photographic narrative and empowering you in a buzzing marketplace with your business dialogue – if you want the consumers attention you need a solid PHOTOGRAPHIC BRAND STORY.

Businesses come in all shapes and sizes, holding within values, beliefs personalities bursting is characteristic all craving a visual voice in the marketplace. Our consumer is bombarded with marketing messages, you can so easily become lost or mis-understood. If you want to raise your game, up the beat of your businesses marketing performance – now might be the time for a conversation.

It starts with a conversation, sketch pad and pencils! If you’re ready for your story to be told honestly and authentically by a consultant that has dedicated a career to understanding creatives in business – get in touch. We like to listen, understand and capture with your individuality in MIND. Our vision is to nourish those in business, not just to capture pictures. Don’t get me wrong images matter – imagery is dominating social media threads. Our job is simple YOU need a collection of images relevant to your business story, sales objectives and marketing mission. We’ll create those images for you.


Conceptual Business Consultant, mentor and Brand Food Stylist 

An award-winning trainer & business developer, founder of Lovingly Artisan with her husband Aidan Monks. Catherine Connor brings energy, expertise and marketing understanding to all she engages with conversationally. Her passion for business is contagious; if you’re stuck in a rut, lost and seeking guidance, she is sure to shower you with ideas, knowledge and insight.  Being the Lovingly Artisan brand, recipe and product developer has given her a real insight into the consumer and how they want to live alongside food and lifestyle. A creative storyteller, stylist and motivational speaker with a deep rooted passion to inspire, educate and create. 



As Aidan’s daughter – Ailish’s heritage is the artisan bakery, it’s in her genes! Threaded through her veins is an intuitive understanding of the role the bakery plays within todays educated, modern consumer.  A lifestyle junkie and she knows her stuff.  Ailish’s instinctive approach serves her well both creatively and practically. Her no-nonsense approach to photography is jargon free and inspires all those she CREATES and designs for photographically. If you seek a no-nonsense strategy, creative imagery thats honest, modern and realistic – this would simply describe Ailish Monks’ STYLE. It’s contemporary, crisp, modern, emotionally embracing and natural. If you seek a photographer that tells your story, reads the importance of your values Ailish’s history and knowledge burst through every photographic shoot. Brand photographer for Lovingly Artisan and clients of Artisans & Co.